DOHA international book fair

As part of our strategic partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Qatar Reads participates annually in the Doha International Book Fair. This is one of the most anticipated reading events of the year, and you should keep a look out for all the different activities we host, targeting a wide range of audiences.


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At the annual Doha International Book Fair, Qatar Reads hosted three activities. Qatar Picks featured a set of community shelves. Our Giant Books were opportunities for children to live briefly in a fictional world. Our art exhibition was an imaginative journey bridging the passion for reading and the visual arts.

Qatar Picks

The people of Qatar are passionate about reading and the pursuit of knowledge, and they have expressed this through participating in ‘Qatar Picks’, choosing their favorite and explaining why it affected their lives. From ‘Editors Pick’ to ‘Reader’s Choice’, what better recommendations can you get than those from your friends, family and peers? Passersby were welcome to share books, contributing to the experience or to peruse the choices of others in the community.

Giant Books

Life sized books with stories inspired by Alice in Wonderland and The Adventures of Sindibad. Children could read the pages and identify the missing characters, then enter into the pages to pose with the character.

The Imaginative Journey

In 2018, the National Reading Campaign collaborated with local artists to create original artworks that illustrated the importance of reading. The Imaginative Journey Exhibition was based on the idea that reading takes you places that cannotbe reached by trains, cars, or even spaceships. The exhibition enthralled visitors attending the DIBF by showing how books can magically transport the human mind away from written words to a whole new fictional universe, where the spirit of imagination and exploration are unleashed.

Artists names: Khalifa al Obaridly, Mariam Al Hmaid, Khalifah al Mari, Sebastian Montoya, Paul Valentine.


The National Reading Campaign participated in the DIBF 2017. There was a discussion open to DIBF visitors to share their challenges and recommendations on how to promote a reading culture in Qatar. In addition to the surveys, the ‘Island of knowledge’ activity witnessed a huge turnout. Children had to read books around the distributed islands to solve questions and unlock the treasure. There was also a storytelling area open for all to enjoy.


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