The Family Reading Program was launched in May 2019 to address the following aims

To make reading a habit for children

To recast reading as exciting and pleasurable

To make reading accessible for the entire community

To catalyse interest in science and research

To encourage parents and families to make reading with their children a fact of daily life and home - and to recognize it as a great way of spending quality time together.

Feed your child’s curiosity and imagination by subscribing to our monthly book subscription program. The Family Reading Program curates and selects two books each month for children between the ages of 3-12, and delivers them straight to your home. The books we send out are uniquely tailored to your child’s age, interests, and preferences. In addition, each month has a special theme, and the books are complemented by activity sheets and much more. With all children reading the same theme, we create a network for children of all ages to gather as a community through shared interests and experiences.The Family Reading Program has been made possible through a collaboration with

Family Reading Program

One time payment for box installation

QAR 350

Monthly Subscription Cost

QAR 50/Child

How do I pay?

We currently offer online payment using credit card only. Click here to fill out your information and head to the shopping cart.

How often do I pay?

We collect payments on a monthly basis. To renew your subscription, you must complete the payment and place your order online before the fifth day of each month.