Having a baby is a time of excitement for the whole family, the journey during pregnancy and after it could also be overwhelming. In the “Mommy to Be” program, we want to work with you hand by hand to support you through this journey.

In collaboration with Qatar National Library, we joined forces to provide families with educational reading materials, a curated reading program for children between the ages of 0-2, workshops on health and parenthood, and access to a local support network of mothers. The books are curated by a committee of experts, and the workshops allow you to learn practical skills such as  Reading for Toddlers, and much more!

The customized reading packages and workshops are given over three main phases:

  • Phase 1 :The Pregnancy Period
  • Phase 2 :The Postnatal Period
  • Phase 3 :The Child’s Early Years

Most people wait too long to begin reading to their child. We think there’s absolutely no reason to delay this wonderful ritual. Studies show that the earlier a baby is exposed to reading, the more they will enjoy it, and the likelier it becomes they will perform well in school. Reading is also a great way to nurture the bonds between parent and child, even well into their teenage years.

So, early is the time to start to make reading a wonderful bonding time together. Not only will it be a special time for you and your child, but it will de-stress both of you too. And you will always know that no matter how crazy the day gets, at least you will have this one-on-one time together.

What to Expect In Each Kit?

Carefully selected books, chosen by experts in Qatar National Library

Book discussion and networking events curated for each kit members based on where they are in their journey

Workshops offered to support the whole family such as How to Read for toddlers, and Breastfeeding

Complimentary products from Kulud Pharmacy to help you choose the right products for you and your baby

How to become a "Mommy to Be" Member?