The National Reading Campaign was launched in 2016 by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) as a program that aims to create a national drive to communicate the importance of reading, and to create interest in reading amongst all residents. In 2019, the National Reading Campaign was revamped as Qatar Reads. As the NRC has evolved, so has QF’s vision of what it can be, who it must reach and how it can reach them, and what it can achieve in nurturing a culture of reading, and a nation of readers.

Family Reading Program

Family Reading Program

Feed your child's curiosity and imagination by subscribing to our monthly book subscription program. The Family Reading Program curates and selects two books each month for children between the ages of 3-12, and delivers them straight to your home. The books we send out are uniquely tailored to your child's age, interests, and preferences. In addition, each month has a special theme, and the books are complemented by activity sheets and much more. With all children reading the same theme, we create a network for children of all ages to gather as a community through shared interests and experiences.
Stories 2 Go

Stories 2 Go

Looking for something to read for your children tonight? Tired of repeating the same stories? We have a selection of original stories for you to download and print at home! New stories come out every month, so be sure to keep coming back for more!


Qatar Reads aims to knit together all the different parts of Qatar’s reading community into one large tapestry of knowledge, collaborating with a variety or partners and stakeholders.

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Discover our collaboration with Scholastic, a subscription service where we deliver books monthly to your home. Become a member today!