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The National Reading Campaign was launched in 2016 by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) as a program that aims to create a national drive to communicate the importance of reading, and to create interest in reading amongst all residents. In 2019, the National Reading Campaign was revamped as Qatar Reads. As the NRC has evolved, so has QF’s vision of what it can be, who it must reach and how it can reach them, and what it can achieve in nurturing a culture of reading, and a nation of readers. The result is Qatar Reads – a natural but innovative next step in this movement, with a new name, new models of driving engagement, and a new audience scope, but the same overarching purpose. The renewed strategy aims to create a community of readers and knowledge-seekers across Qatar. Our aim is to promote accessibility, creativity, and literacy. We target all age groups and all demographics residing in Qatar. We believe that reading leads to discovery, exchange, exploration, and transformation. Reading is a springboard for change and growth. Equipping our society with the habit of reading creates a pool of knowledge, broad and open mindsets, positive values, and a desire to make learning a constant of daily life.
Reading is vital in a human, societal, and national development context as it is:


A gateway to knowledge.


A vehicle for social engagement.


A catalyst for greater interest in science and research.


A means of preserving and promoting Qatar’s cultural heritage and the Arabic language.

Through Qatar Reads, QF aims to develop and heighten a love of reading on a nationwide level, in a truly inclusive, engaging, and relevant way. Its goal is to make people throughout Qatar’s community, regardless of age, culture, and background, aware of just how important reading is to our lives and societies, the value and joy it can bring us, and how it can take us on a journey of knowledge that leads to new interests, ideas, and ways of seeing the world.

Through fostering a community of readers, Qatar Reads hopes to shape:


Active, globally-aware citizens.​


Innovative, critical, independent thinkers.​


A self-reliant society that takes responsibility for discovery.

QF believes that reading is indivisible from knowledge, from education, from exploration, from creative thinking – and from the process of unlocking human potential. Through Qatar Reads, QF aims to ensure the eyes and minds of Qatar’s population are opened up to the possibilities that reading creates.

Read to create​

Read to debate​

Read to discover

Read to think

Read to transform


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